INSTRUCTIONAL SERV COORDINATORRequisition # 72847Position BasicsWorking TitleINSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES COORDINATORAdvertising Ends on:Thursday, May 31st, 2018Advertising Started on:Thursday, May 17th, 2018Organization:Carver College of MedicineDepartment:Medicine AdministrationSalarySalary:$43,900.00 to CommensuratePay Grade:3AJob DetailsPercent Time:100%Type of PositionRegular: A position which is considered essential for the effective long-term operation of the university. Persons appointed to this position will receive the privileges and benefits associated with regular employment status.Duties:Provide instructional services or support to faculty, staff, and students by designing, developing, selecting, adapting, presenting, or maintaining instructional/informational materials and/or facilities (e.g., classrooms, labs, studios, centers, workshops, technology programs) for the purpose of teaching and learning. Provide instruction to students to enhance their skills in key areas such as language and writing. Key areas of responsibility include the design, support and creation of instructional materials; to instruct, train, consult and support the curriculum; support facilities and technology for the curriculum; and the support of operational (financial, administrative and supervisory) tasks associated with providing instructional services.Develop Instructional Materials: Assist in the design, development, and evaluation of training materials of simulated clinical scenarios for use by simulated patients. Assist in the development of instructional materials for medical and PA students and exam proctors. Assist in the implementation of the College of Medicine's curriculum as designed by course directors, strand directors, clerkship directors and other curriculum staff.Instruct, Train, Consult, and Support: Provide technical and administrative support for all faculty, staff, students and simulated patients involved in clinical skills assessment programs. Coordinate and provide instruction of policies and practices and administer training for simulated patients. May evaluate student and simulated patient skills. May provide instruction to medical and PA students for additional programs in small group settings. Together with program manager, will participate in the recruitment and assignment of simulated patients for curricular programs that utilize them.Facilities/Technology Management: Support all aspects of administration of the teaching, practice and assessment activities within the Clinical Skills Center. Support the operations of the clinical suites, a teaching facility of substantial complexity including 23 exam rooms, a computer control room and 4 classroom spaces, including maintenance of equipment and supplies; preparation and distributions of materials prior to each program; and maintenance of all instructional equipment. Administer and manage courseware management system (CAE Learning Space). Assure facilities are in compliance with federal and state regulations pertaining to health and safety.Operational Management (Financial and Administrative): Support the scheduling of approximately 100 SPs, over 650 medical and PA students, and medical residents in clinical skills assessments and all programs. Prepare resources and materials for clinical skills assessments and programs. May run clinical assessments and programs as directed. Analyze, monitor and report financial data, information and reports. Serve as Human Resource liaison for approximately 100 part-time hourly employees (simulated patients). May engage in outreach activities beyond the curriculum unit, including OSAC, CCOM, UI, UIHC, Alumni, and External Organizations.Supervision: Participate in the recruitment and screening of prospective simulated patients. Design and lead onboarding sessions for newly hired simulated patients for orientation purposes. Contriubute to a program of Quality Assurance (QA) over the work of about 100 simulated patie